Next up in our new speaker Q&A series is Steve Pipe — researcher, author and practice strategist at AVN.

How did you get in to the accounting and finance profession?

I did two degrees in economics, and would loved to have been a professional economist.  But, I was getting married in Wakefield, and there were no jobs for economists there.  So I became an accountant instead.

What is one common misconception about the industry you would like to change?

Far too many accountants don’t understand the awesome impact they can have with their skills as accountants.  So I would like to see the profession break free from its crisis of self-confidence.  I would like to see accountants standing tall and fully understanding the difference they can make.  And I would like to see them using those skills in more creative and energetic ways to make even more of a difference.

Who has inspired you most in the industry?

Unquestionably Paul Dunn. 20 years ago his Bootcamps revolutionised the profession. And today his movement is revolutionising the way small businesses around the world make a difference.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

Do what you love. Because then it will never feel like work, and you will do it extraordinarily well.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself that most people don’t know

I once stood in a urinal at Leicester Forest service station next to Gary Lineker.

What is the one thing accountants must do to adapt and remain successful?

Recognise the need to never stop learning. Every accountant I meet understands the importance of keeping abreast of the latest tax and accounting technical issues. But far too few invest enough time energy or money in really getting to grips with technology, soft skills, strategy and all the other essential commercial elements of running a 21st century practice as a business.

What do you want delegates to take away from your session at Accountex Summit North?

An understanding that there has never been a more exciting or more important time to be an accountant, and that the future is incredibly bright for those accountants who step up and seize the moment.


See Steve at Accountex Summit North: How to become one of the world’s most inspiring, respected and profitable accountancy practices

March 6 @ 12:30 pm – 1:00 pm

Based on the research behind his 2018 book The world’s best accountancy practices, this fast-paced and real-world proven keynote reveals why being an inspirational accountant holds the key to a better future and a better world. It features brand new case studies revealing the extraordinary results you can achieve. And it gives you an instantly downloadable FREE system containing all the free resources, free step-by-step guidance and free training and you need to transform your firm’s impact, reputation, client base…

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