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The Business Application Software Developers Association – is the only industry association focused specifically on supporting the issues of business software development organisations.
Joining BASDA means you’ll benefit from being part of a collective and influential industry voice, giving you access to specialist interest groups and business networking events. The BASDA community enables the sharing of knowledge and time saving in development, supporting its members in becoming more efficient and effective in today’s highly competitive market place.
Specialist interest Groups and Working Parties cover a range of business applications and areas of common interest, including Financial, Accounting and Tax software, Payroll, Pension & HR software, Interoperability, Data Management & Security, VAT legislation and B2B Marketing.
For over 20 years, BASDA has worked closely with government departments to influence legislation and standards to ensure that they are implemented with credibility and practicality for members and their customers.
For more information visit www.basda.org

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